When I am Hurt in a Car Crash, will the Other Insurance Company Pay My Bills?


One of the most commonly asked questions is whether an injured client without health insurance can expect the at fault driver in a Georgia car crash to pay their medical bills. On a simple trip to the emergency room in Georgia, an average ambulance ride is $500.00, the ER physician is $250 and the ER itself is another $500.00.

The short answer is the other driver’s insurance will not pay your medical bills soon but eventually they will. When people are injured in a car wreck in Atlanta and they speak with the other driver’s insurance company, they are usually asked if they are hurt and then the adjuster will dissuade the client from getting any follow up medical care with a statement like this “we will only pay for medical care that we think is reasonable.”

To put it simply, if you have an injury and are seeing a doctor, the other driver’s insurance will not pay the bills as you go, even though they may give you that false impression by telling you to send over the bills. Do not become confused with your own vehicle’s Georgia medical payments insurance provisions as they will pay as you go.

When you have medically stabilized and your care is at an end, you can gather your medical records and submit them to the at fault driver. Keep in mind that you may not need a lawyer if your case is minor. If you have medical bills totaling over $2,000.00, if you have been injured by a drunk driver in Georgia, or you are dealing with a fracture or disk herniation then you should speak with a car accident attorney.

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