Being Injured by a Drunk Driver in Georgia makes the Decision on Whether to Hire a Lawyer Easy


If you have been injured by a drunk driver, it almost always makes sense to hire an injury attorney because punitive damages are recoverable and they can multiply the value of an injury case ninefold. Although I have advised many prospective clients with minor injuries that you are capable of handling a Georgia injury claim on their own, when it comes to injuries from being hit by a drunk driver in Georgia, even modest injury cases can have significant value because punitive damages may be recovered.

Prospective clients often want to know if it is worth their while to hire an attorney given that 1/3 of the recovery goes to the lawyer and the answer is, sometimes. However, when the collision was caused by a drunk driver, juries take this very seriously and regularly return significant punitive damages awards. If you try and handle an Atlanta DUI crash case on your own though, the adjuster will use your inexperience against you.

For example, in a case involving emergency room care and a few follow up visits to the family doctor, where the crash was serious and caused by a drunk driver, an Attorney can research the criminal background of the other driver and lock down the dash camera recording from the arresting officer. Armed with that information we are able to maximize the client’s recovery in cases with modest medical bills. Even in cases with medical bills totaling less than $3,000.00, I have been able to recover the $25,000.00 policy limits because of the punitive damages aspect of the case. I have made significant recoveries in Georgia DUI cases against Farm Bureau, Liberty Mutual, Traveler’s Insurance, Farmers Insurance and State Farm.

Although common sense should always drive your decision on whether to hire a lawyer, when it comes to crashes caused by a drunk driver, make sure you consult with an Attorney before you make a final decision.

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