Thankless Claimants of Hudson River Crash Need to Reassess Their Blessings


I spend my days battling with insurance carriers to get them to treat people like human beings, so there is no love lost there. However, even I am annoyed that the New York Times would write a piece attacking AIG for not paying claims for the travelers on Captain Sullenberger’s flight. Collision insurance, Georgia medical payments insurance, and a few other coverages are the only ones I know of that kick in without requiring liability. I am constantly explaining to people that when they fall and get injured in Georgia, the property owner does not automatically have to pay. All liability insurance is, wait for it….based on liability! This plane appears to have gone down due to bird strikes and last I heard Canadian geese were not insured and subject to socialist Canadian health care.

This incident was the result of natural forces that are beyond our control. This is tantamount to running into a wild deer on a highway. Those deer strikes can be deadly but, that is just the way life is. You cannot always sue someone. My profession comes under attack all too often because weaker lawyers are unwilling to say “no” to some clients. In this situation, the lawyers need to act like officers of the Court and slam the door. Unless evidence shows the crash resulted from something other than a bird strike, I hope the claims are denied and the lawsuits thrown out on a Motion for Summary Judgment.

I found myself wanting to retch when I read the quote from the mother saying “Why should we be paying out of pocket?” “That’s why they’re there. They’re the insurer.” Lady, I hate to break it to you but, the airline did nothing wrong and unless they have medical payments coverage, you should just thank your lucky stars, join the Captain Sully fan page on Facebook and move on. Life throws unexpected curve balls at you and be thankful this was yours.

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