Part Two of Anderson Cooper’s Expose on Injury Claims Handling by Allstate and State Farm


Here is part two of the CNN piece on claims handling practices by the major insurance companies. In, I can tell you that the deny, delay defend mantra is the order of the day.
I handled a case for a father who broke his hand in a car accident in Riverdale, Georgia and missed out on five months of work as a schoolteacher. He had medical bills of $28,000.00 and lost income of over $23,000.00. The Allstate insured driver had only $100,000.00 in coverage and when we demanded the entire policy, they refused to even offer the full amount of his bills and wages. I filed suit and gave the in house lawyer with Allstate one more chance to do the right thing and after deposing my client and realizing that his case was legitimate, she overturned the adjuster’s decision. The point is that it should never have come to that. It dragged the matter out for three more months, forced me to put the case into the courts and increased my client’s costs and ruined his credit. Watch the conclusion of the investigative piece and make up your own mind.

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