New York City Bus Crash Illustrates Need in Georgia for Access to Highway Traffic Cameras


Reviewing the tragic LA Times story of thefatal New York City bus crash and the evidence that a 18 wheeler may have cut the bus off and caused the accident, I am reminded of the article we wrote a year ago about accessibility of Georgia Highway Traffic cameras.

The Georgia Department of Transportation continues to contend that it is not practical to record highway video for even 2 weeks. Given the shocking number of 18 wheeler crashes, lawyers in the area would universally love to have access. Instead of expensive and lengthy reconstructions, we could access the actual video of the crash. This would benefit trucking companies and victims. Injustice to either party would be prevented.

I hope that the New York Department of Transportation maintains the traffic camera video for that roadway so that justice can be served if an 18 wheeler was truly responsible for this tragic crash that took so many lives. Georgia 18 wheeler accident lawyers will continue to lobby for this change in the Georgia legislature.

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