Lawyers Demonstrate Cross Examination Techniques in Trucking Case


The firm’s Atlanta tractor trailer accident lawyers in cooperation with our good friend, Michael Goldberg, recently finished up depositions of the tractor trailer company’s driver. In the attached video, you will see what often happens when an undertrained and nervous driver attempts to make up a story to get out of responsibility. This video was made as a backdrop to a live mediation presentation our firm gave last week.

In this case, our client was operating a dump truck while towing a light pickup truck, shortly after midnight on I-85. The semi tractor trailer crashed into the rear of our client and, according to the police report, rear ended the dump truck and knocked it off the highway. Our client speaks only Spanish and the investigating officer decided that the crash was our client’s fault because he felt the tow lights on the pickup were inadequate.

When the insurance company for Swift Transportation denied the claim, we filed suit and as you will see in the excerpts from the video deposition, the driver has decided to abandon his original story about rear ending our client. He now claims that somehow the towed vehicle flipped into the air and landed on him. Notice in the final segments how he concedes that if he did rear end the dump truck, it would have been his own fault because he saw the dump truck well before impact.

When it comes to tractor trailer crash lawyers in Atlanta, not everyone is the same. This case was turned down by several lawyers before we agreed to take the case and put it into litigation. Hopefully, this story of injustice will have a happy ending for the client.

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