Lawrenceville Attorneys Try Jury Trial to Succesful Verdict in Gwinnett County


The firm tried the case of Hazel v. Shapoori to a jury in Gwinnett County State Court and the jury returned a verdict for twice what Allstate had offered. This was a smaller case that the firm took on to help out a nice lady who had $6,200 in medical bills, $1,300 in lost wages and an Allstate adjuster who refused to pay more than $4,000.00. Once our firm got involved, she was offered $6,000, which we politely declined.

The lawsuit for medical bills, lost income and just compensation stemming from the car accident was filed in Gwinnett County State Court. The jury heard evidence that she went to her primary care doctor and was sent to 8 weeks of physical therapy. This conservative jury returned a verdict for the $6,200.00 in medical, $1,300 for lost wages and $4,000 for pain and suffering for 2 months of care. This case is a good example of how a jury would evaluate a finite but legitimate injury case. The total verdict was $11,500.00 plus costs of Court.

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