If You Sustain a Broken Leg in a Car Accident, What is it Worth?


Many of my clients initially contact me for expert advice on how much their Georgia car accident case is worth. A common question is “how much is my broken leg case worth in Georgia?” The answer to that question is that you are approaching this from the wrong direction. Injury cases are not interchangeable commodities and each person injured in a car accident in Georgia is different. I field this question all time and my clients want to know; why?

First understand that there is nothing inherently wrong with asking the question. My clients are conservative and responsible people. They are fathers and mothers, grandparents and children and they all live together in the community. There is no reason to be embarrassed about asking this question. My clients are not looking for handouts; they are turning to the justice system the founding fathers put into place to balance the scales. Carelessness has consequences and for over 225 years, our courts and the tort system have balanced out the harms caused by carelessness. Serious car accident injuries and wrongful death cases do not receive large jury verdicts because someone fooled them. Verdicts come from the wisdom of our community.To help clients that have questions about the fair value of their cases, I drafted a new page that gets into some of the details of particular upper and lower leg injuries on my site. There you will find answers to the question “how much is my broken leg worth in Georgia.” For more general questions about how much a car accident case is worth be sure to read that page in the practice areas as well.

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