How to Get Your Criminal History Expunged in Georgia


I share space with a private equity banker here in Atlanta, Georgia and like many folks, he thinks all lawyers practice all types of law. Despite me having told him several times that I am a tractor trailer accident lawyer, he nevertheless asked me how to get an arrest expunged from his Georgia record.

It seems that when he was a younger man, he jokingly picked up a painting at the Braves clubhouse in Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, walked three feet and set it down. He and his friend had a good laugh and promptly forgot about it. Two hours later, a police officer pointed him out in the clubhouse and said “he tried to steal a painting!” Needless to say, the matter was dropped but it still hangs around on his GCIC report. Every time he prepares to close a private equity deal and they check his background, he has to explain the entire faisco. So, how do you remove it? Even the best lawyer in Atlanta would be hard pressed to get this right so I did a little research for my readers.

I drafted a new page on my website to lay out step by step instructions on how to get an arrest expunged from your criminal record in Georgia so please feel free to check it out. Remember as an injury attorney, this is not my area of expertise, but the statutes are clear cut. We should know the outcome of my friend’s appeal shortly.

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