ECM Data From Tractor Trailers Can Prove Critical in Determining the Cause of Georgia Tractor Trailer Crashes


As a lawyer who specializes in tractor-trailer crashes, I receive telephone calls from across the country from families that have been the victims of tractor-trailer crashes and the most common request is for information on how the crash happened. In cases involving high speed collisions, the wreckage can be inscrutable to the common eye and the family’s grief is compounded by their inability to understand how the crash could have occurred.

I recently updated the Georgia tractor-trailer crash library page to include more specific information about what kind of information can be downloaded from the ECM (electronic control module) Commonly known as a “black box”, these electronic components help law enforcement and private attorneys to accurately reconstruct how fatal trucking collisions occur.

The amount of information available after an Atlanta trucking crash varies with year make and model. I want you to have the most information possible so that when you interview counsel you go in as an educated consumer. The best lawyers in Atlanta will all tell you that an educated, well prepare client is the best client.

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