How To Get Out of Jury Duty in Fulton County, at Least Once


So once again I got summoned for jury duty in Fulton County, the massive County that includes the City of Atlanta. Many people are apprehensive about jury duty so I thought we would lay out the basics of what to expect. Can you get out of jury duty? Yes for the day they summon you , but eventually you will have to serve on another date.

How do i get out of jury service? If you care for a child 6 or under, are doctors orders sick or over 70, you can get out of it. If you have some pressing engagement,you can call into the Court and geta reset date often several months down the road.

The night before, call the court to verify that your group is being called for service.

If you are stuck on jury duty, park at the Atlanta Underground accross the street for about 10 bucks unless that is too expensive in which case you should take MARTA.

It says to show up at 8, which you should your first time so you can watch the orientation film.other wise 8:30 is fine. Check in with the clerk and you will get a badge.

Then begins the first phase of waiting. The clerk will call out your name if they need you as part of the jury pool and will give you a number and tell you what courtroom to report to. If it is a car accident case or another insurance case they may ask you whether you are insured with an involved inaurance company. Once you receive your pool, go down to the courtroom and stand in another line while you wait for your batch of prospective jurors to be interviewed by e lawyers.

Voir dire is the latin name for the process by which lawyers vette prospective jurors. It is not veryinvasive so don’t be nervous.

So, there are two primary waiting periods. Firs, you wait to be part of batch of prospective jurors and se ond when your batch is being interviewed in the courtroom.

The last time it took until 6 pm for the second half of the process to go through.

Bring a book, laptop, music and snacks. You will be bored.

Once the interview process starts though, you will be far more interested. Serving as a juror is critical to the functioning of the court system. This is your civic duty and you should honor the committment. Move the date if it will kill your small business and tryto get it moved to a slow time of the season.

Remember that Superior Court handles divorce, felony crimes and other civil matters. state Court handles misdemeanor crimes and every other kind of civil case except divorce.

Keep an open mind and enjoy the process!

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2 responses to “How To Get Out of Jury Duty in Fulton County, at Least Once”

  1. DR LAUREL S says:

    I am 71, 3 yrs in Atlanta, & received a call to jury duty here, in mid June, 2012, WHICH I CANNOT FIND. I also received a subpoena to appear in NY (at the same time)as a witness in a lawsuit concerning Hilton Hotel, NYC, and their lawyers make it clear that they take priority. I leave Atlanta for NYC from June 12-26. Whom should I call in Atlanta with this request to be relieved of jury duty, given that I’ve lost the summons with all the details?? I live in Marietta & I THINK jury duty was to be held in downtown Atlanta (Federal Court?), but I am not positive.
    Thanks for your advice,
    Dr. S

  2. So Dr. S
    Looks like the Feds follow similar rules to Fulton County. You can ask for a short deferral or because you are over 70, it looks like you can get a permanent exemption.
    What are the grounds for requesting a permanent excuse, and how do I request one?
    There are several legal reasons for which you can be excused. All excuses must be made in writing to the U.S. District Court jury office. You can mail, fax, or email your request (If you are emailing a medical excuse, a doctor’s letter will also be required). You can be excused if: A) You are 70 years of age or older; B) You provide full-time care to aged or infirm person; C) You provide full-time care to children under the age of 10; D) You are a volunteer firefighter or member of a rescue squad or ambulance crew; E) You have a grave medical condition or physical disability (for which a doctor’s letter is mandatory); F) You have served within two years in the Federal Court. You will receive a response to your inquiry via U.S. Mail.
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    What are the grounds for requesting a temporary excuse, and how do I request one?
    You may request a temporary postponement due to other commitments (vacation, work, health, school, etc.) that may conflict with your summons date. It will be necessary to submit a letter to the Jury Office with your request at least SEVEN business days prior to when your service is to begin. Please indicate in your letter when you will be able to serve within three (3) months. You can mail, fax, or email your request. You will receive a letter via U.S. Mail regarding the judge’s decision and your new service date.
    One other thing. Out of state subpoenas typically cannot force you to do anything. They lack jurisdiction. Do you really want to go to that trial?

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