New Atlanta DUI Death Case Illustrates the Dangers of Driving After 1:00AM


Christopher Simon Attorney at Law will be representing the family of Eddie Ko, a 23 year old University of Georgia student who was killed by drunk drivers on Steve Reynolds Boulevard around 3:30 a.m. Sunday. Eddie was driving his friends home when police allege that Soon Kwon sideswiped another drunk driver, 23-year-old Gho Lee and the car crossed the center line and hit Eddie’s Honda head on. Eddie unfortunately passed away at Grady hospital later that night as did the passenger in Kwon’s car, Se Shin. Kwon has been charged with vehicular homicide.

As we work with the Ko family to seek justice for Eddie’s senseless death, I am reminded of the advice I give to all clients; never driver after 1 a.m.. Through 13 years of litigating serious and fatal car wrecks, I have rarely seen one before midnight. The hours after the bars close are particularly deadly, as this crash illustrates. Gwinnett County jail records indicate Kwon has had a series of minor arrests with the police department and was booked for disorderly conduct as recently as may.

If anyone has information about where Kwon had been drinking before he got in his car, we would appreciate it if you would contact the firm. Georgia has a Dramshop statute that allows the victim’s family to pursue whatever bar kept serving this drunk driver knowing he would be getting on the road and putting families in harm’s way.

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