Car Insurance Claims Unnaffected When Policy is Cancelled


You can change Georgia car insurance companies even if there is a claim pending against you or if you have a claim pending against your own insurance, like a Georgia Uninsured Motorist claim. The only thing that matters is whether there was valid coverage on the date of the loss. Whatever happens after that is irrelevant and won’t affect the claims.

A client called yesterday wondering whether it would affect their case if the at fault driver changed her insurance coverage now and the answer is “no.” Another example would be where a claim has been made against you and your insurance company is handling it. Many people hesitate to fire their company thinking that it will either remove their insurance protection or entitle them to less protection; it won’t. Finally, I am handling a Georgia Uninsured Motorist claim against State Farm and the client was worried that if they got rid of State Farm and went with Grange insurance, State Farm would deny the old claim. I advised them that it would not have a legal effect.

This is a classic example of what would seem to be a logical conclusion by clients but it turns out to be untrue. Car accident lawyers in Atlanta know that when it comes to complex insurance coverage questions, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so pick up the phone and ask for a consultation.

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