18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Demonstrates Value of Crash Reconstruction


As part of our continuing series on what a Georgia 18 wheeler accident lawyer does, today we will look at a video reconstruction of the consequences when a passenger car going 65 strikes a tractor trailer going 35 in the rear. The driver of the passenger car claimed that the tractor trailer truck simply came into his lane.

The video is interesting but the point is that this crash seemed like the truck driver’s fault until the collision reconstructionist measured the skid marks. laser sited the gouge mark in the road, measured the crush damage to the vehicles and compared the crush damage to historical data on similar vehicles.

The damage to the front left of the passenger car was not consistent with a side impact and when the impact velocity was finally known, the math was fed into a computer and this simulation was created to show the jury exactly how the car ended up the way it did.

When you investigate a Georgia tractor trailer accident, there is rarely an eyewitness to the event and Atlanta tractor trailer crash lawyers are left to use detective work and science to unearth the truth of the matter. This is one of the key differences between lawyers who dabble in trucking and lawyers that do it for a living. Good lawyers know that you should have your reconstructionist at the crash site as soon as possible to photograph and preserve the evidence because it is certain that the trucking company and their insurance carrier will. Be sure you are dealing with an experienced Georgia 18 wheeler accident lawyer.

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