The Georgia Super Speeder Law


I frequently am the go to resource for friends wondering about certain aspects of the law, including the new Georgia Super Speeder law. What does it really mean? What do you need to know?

1. Purdue pushed the law to raise money; over $20 million by most estimates.
2. Studies show that speeding is not the cause in most accidents, it is crappy driving.
3. The Georgia Super Speeder fine is an additional $200.00 fine on top of the local ticket.
4. If you go over 75mph on a two lane country road, you will pay it.
5. If you go 85mph or over on an expressway, you will pay it.

That is pretty much it. We have all seen an increase in the number of cops writing tickets out there so don’t be stupid. These towns and counties are broke and tickets are a great revenue source. Now the State of Georgia is on the take too. The day they put in legislation to strip nightime driving privileges from people with more than 4 crashes in 4 years and start annual testing on people over age 70, then we will know the state is serious about improving roadway safety.

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