Can a Bar be Responsible When a Drunk Driver Kills Someone in a Car Accident


Two weeks ago a head on car accident on 400 was caused by a drunk driver headed the wrong way. She killed not only herself, but also the gentleman in the car she struck. Now, in a shining example of what is fundamentally wrong with our society, the passenger in the DUI car is blaming the bar where the two drunks were drinking before the crash.

According to the AJC article, the passenger in the car driven by Frampere Ingle told interviewers that the bar should have arrested them both for public intoxication. Our firm has filed numerous dram shop lawsuits against bars but never for reasons that stupid.

Georgia’s Dramshop laws are designed to encourage bar owners to keep an eye on their patrons and if they have a reason to know the patron will be driving, to cut them off if they appear intoxicated. It is a simple and logical rule designed to make the roads safer for all of us. It is not designed to let selfish and irresponsible twits pass the buck on their responsibility for taking the life of an innocent man. The bar in this crash apparently took away the girls keys and gave them to a sober driver. That goes above and beyond the call of duty.

The passenger should be ashamed of herself and in a few years you can only hope she will come to see that her careless attitude and that of her driver are the only true causes of this horrific car accident.

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2 responses to “Can a Bar be Responsible When a Drunk Driver Kills Someone in a Car Accident”

  1. Lovett and Myers says:

    I don’t think the bar should be hold accountable for the accident. The bar owner is simply running a business, and the customer’s personal life is completely out of his hands. And the customers are the ones who should be responsible on their own actions.

    • Christopher Simon says:

      Well guys. That’s interesting but since your own website advertises that you handle plaintiff’s personal injury cases you may have an awkward conversation explaining to a potential client why you don’t agree with Georgia’s Dramshop law that holds bartenders accountable when they serve drunk people more drinks knowing they may soon be getting on the road.

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