Attorneys who Take Hard Personal Injury Cases that Other Attorneys Turn Down


One of the sad truths of the industry is that many attorneys are too lazy to take on difficult cases. If the injuries are serious or it involves a wrongful death, we will sit down with you and analyze all of the possible evidence and approaches to proving responsibility.

Even if other lawyers have turned your case down, we are more experienced than most in how to develop new theories of recovery and at tracking down evidence they overlooked.

In a wrongful death case that recently went to trial, the mother of a young man came to us after he died in a single car collision because two other lawyers told her she had no case and that it was his fault. We dug into the matter and found the City Ordinances that showed that the City was responsible for not removing a stone wall from its property that was a mere 5 feet off of a 45 mph road and an obvious hazard.  The City never offered any money on the case until one month before trial when they offered $1,000,000. We turned it down and the jury awarded $32.5 million dollars.

In 3 separate cases involving pedestrians that were run over, the officer blamed the pedestrian multiple lawyers told the family there was no chance. In each situation  we worked the cases hard and got the family a recovery:

  1. Social Media research into the Defendants
  2. Expert analysis of the collision scene.
  3. Identification of eyewitnesses through elbow grease.
  4. Tracking down surveillance camera footage that others missed

If you have a case with serious injuries and other lawyers have turned you down, call us and lets discuss the possibilities. We cannot promise you that we will take your case but we will give it a detailed analysis. If there is a way to make it work, I guarantee our firm will find it.

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