Injury Victims that Treat at Grady May Have Billing Options


I have had many clients that have been seriously injured in Atlanta in car crashes and treated at Grady Hospital. The clients come to me without health insurance and with staggering medical bills and they wonder how they will pay for the medical care, especially if the policy limits for the at fault driver are low and there is not enough Georgia Uninsured Motorist insurance coverage.Grady is the largest trauma hospital in Georgia and they have recently made the news for their financial troubles, but, their financial aid programs remain largely in effect. If you were involved in a car accident and received emergency care at Grady and have no other insurance options, you can visit the financial aid office and look into getting a Grady Card. The Grady Card entitles the client to 50% off of their medical care. Understand that this is only available to persons with serious emergency care that have no medical payments insurance and no health insurance. In situations where there is no tortfeasor to recover from or the wrongdoer has no insurance Grady will also work out long term extended payment plans.

With so many people going without health insurance these days, access to quality medical care is a constant challenge. If the injuries occur due to the negligence or recklessness of other though, there are options.

In cases where there are substantial medical bills to be repaid that were incurred before your loved on died, you should retain a wrongful death attorney to coordinate the settlement and structure it so that the hospital gets some repayment but does not take a disproportionate share. This can be accomplished by structuring the payments so that the estate of deceased does not receive the majority of the settlement funds and they instead go to the Georgia wrongful death statutory claimants.

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