Atlanta City Traffic Court Saga Continues


In a recent post, we discussed Georgia pedestrian rights as they pertained to a case involving my clients who got run over by a car in Atlanta.Today was the second time this month I was lucky enough to end up on their behalf in the City of Atlanta Traffic Court on Garnett Street.

Let me start by saying they did a nice job remodeling the place and the airport style arrival/departure screens are helpful to tell you which courtroom you are in. Come to think of it, now that they make you take off your belt and shoes at security it feels just like an airport. When I asked why the belts come off, the security guard replied “razors.” Ahh, so that is what it has come to. Keep in mind this is a misdemeanor level City of Atlanta Court. If there are Gangstas here, it is because they got a speeding ticket. What are they going to shank you as you plea nolo to a speeding ticket?

I digress. At any rate, I showed up for this second hearing with my clients because the first one was canceled due to the tragic crash of the small commuter flight one month ago involving another Atlanta judge. This time I figured, surely the Solicitor will look at the Appellate case I brought and realize that my clients committed no crime. Wrong. She seems to take particular delight in dressing down car accident lawyers and speeders alike. The entire Courtroom staff seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I particularly enjoyed the Judge speaking to a cute blonde speeder. “Do you go to school? Yes, I go to Washington and Lee. Well that is a good school and so is our defensive driving school! Enjoy, young lady.” Classic.

Bottom line is arrive 30 minutes early and be prepared to do some medieval style groveling for the court, even if you are a lawyer. “Mr. Simon, your case is reset for August.” We shall see how the story concludes then.

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