You can Appeal Your City of Atlanta and Fulton County Taxes in Any Year


One of our readers asked “can I appeal my Fulton County property taxes even when the don’t send an assessment?” Given that I practice law primarily as a wrongful death attorney, I went to Hal Roach, a property tax assessor who handles appeals for Georgia Property Tax assessments and has twenty years of government experience.

As we discussed in the previous article on how to appeal your Fulton County and City of Atlanta taxes, you used to need to have a Change of Assessment notice sent to you to trigger your right to file an appeal. So if they are not raising your assessment, you normally won’t get the Change of Assessment notice. Good news though, they changed the rule.

Here is the new link to the revised directions for Fulton County.

Here is the Fulton County Assessment form

Here is the Homestead Exemption Form for Fulton County.

Hal reminds us that:
1) In most counties the window in which you can appeal is from January 1st to April 1st. Bibb, Butts, Chatham, Clarke, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Hall and Newton counties require a filing from January 1st to March 1st.

2) Make sure to timely file the appeal when you get the Form. You can always withdraw your appeal at any time, but failure to file waives it for the year.

3) Recent legislation forces the County Assessors to take foreclosure and short sales into account as market values and that will drastically force down the assessment values.

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