Wrongful Death Lawsuit Shows us There are Too Many Law Schools


Perhaps you have read the story of the family in New York that has a filed an $83 million dollar lawsuit against the makers of Red Bull for the death of a 30 year old father on a basketball court. Being a lawyer who regularly files these cases in legitimate cases, I was curious as to what the evidence is. Unfortunately, the case appears to be a total farce and the lawyer will once again do damage to the my profession.


Is it possible for products to harm people and kill them? Sure, just look at asbestos. But there has to be a scientific connection; there has to be medical causation for the case to continue. This loser of a lawyer filed a lawsuit for three reasons:

1) the coroners report says he chugged a can before he took the court and he felt lightheaded and passed out.

2) The genius grandmother decreed “I knew he was healthy and I couldn’t find no other reason why he died.”

3) The lawyer is a wet stain of a nuisance who brags about helping his clients “capture” money from cases.

Take a look at this goon

And this is the problem. Red Bull spends millions marketing and some fool of a lawyer files a case with no medical backing whatsoever and claims that consumers need to be told not to overuse an otherwise safe product. That’s just great.

Thanks for giving the Chamber of Commerce another idiotic example of bad legal judgment that will do nothing other than erode juror confidence in our profession and encourage redneck Southern Senators to reconsider tort reform.

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