Why Do Lawyers use their Middle Intials, Making Them Sound Like Bigger Tools than they already are?


We get a lot of web based requests for my guide to Georgia Car Insurance and Car Accidents and I always chuckle when I get a request from someone using their middle initial. Why? Because invariably, these are other car accident lawyers either looking for advice or looking to copy my marketing efforts.

It begs the question; why do lawyers use their middle initials resulting in pompous sounding names trailed by the antiquated, Esq. Remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Bill S. Preston, Esquire?

There are more different types of lawyers than there are days in the year but one thing is sadly true, many of us have ego problems. I do not mean that we have big egos, we just act that way to mask the fact that we are insecure. I suspect that a large number of small and large office lawyers were intellectually slighted in some way and went into the practice of law as a way to get social redemption. The most common fact pattern I see with injury lawyers specifically? Father was a doctor; child becomes an injury lawyer. The why of it is not always clear, but I suspect it has to do with a lack of desire or ability to slog through the brutal schedule required of doctors.

We see the echoes of this problem in our proclivity to driving expensive cars, smoking cigars, talking way too loudly and yes, using a middle initial and our title.

Yours Truly
Christopher M. Simon, Esq.

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