Speeding Tractor Trailer Fails to Stop and Crushes 3 Vehicles in Bainbridge Georgia


I was saddened another pointless loss of life caused by a tractor trailer crash. Here, the family was struck when the tractor trailer crashed into them after cresting a hill. This article details the sad outcome of this collision on Friday. In the unattributed article in the local paper, it states that the trucker crested a hill on a rural highway and plowed into several vehicles, also striking a grandmother standing on the side of the road to walk her grandchildren home.


What infuriates me about this is how preventable this collision was. Georgia tractor trailer drivers operate on these roads on a daily basis and know exactly what time of day school buses pass through the area. They should know better than to come flying over a hill top. That area frequently has slow moving farm equipment, not to mention school buses. We can only hope that the trucker has his license revoked and the injured heal up. Lawyers that deal with trucking cases can only shake their heads in knowing sadness because we see the same inattention leading to tragedy again and again.

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