People Calling Me after My Accident; Who Are They?


So you have a car accident in Georgia and three days later the police report comes out. It does not take 5 minutes for the runners to start calling the person who was not ticketed trying to hustle them into a chiropractic clinic or to a shady lawyer.

This practice has always existed but anecdotally it appears to to have exploded in the last few years. Three prospective clients called this week; all of them having been approached by runners.

So I am calling them out. Realize that these names may be fake and may be similar to legitimate businesses. How do you know if the people calling you are legit? If they are calling you within 30 days of the crash and you did not ask them to, they are dirt bags, plain and simple. Stay away because it won’t end well.

AAA Attorney Referral. Be aware there can be similarly named legitimate outfits. If you are interested, just confirm with their website that they are licensed as a referral service with the State Bar of Georgia.

“Atlanta Injury Specialists” and “Marietta Injury Specialists” Again there are similarly named legitimate businesses bu the runners are using these names in trying to get accident victims in to treatment.

Bottom line is if someone calls you within 30 days of a crash trying to get you medical care or legal services, run the other direction as fast as you can. Bottom feeders will feed on you next.

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