My Lawyer Wants Me to Go To a Chiropractor, Is that a Good Idea?


We get numerous calls from people who have already signed up with a lawyer and the other lawyer told them to start their medical care with a chiropractor suggested by the lawyer. Usually the potential client’s phone call to me starts this way “I am not comfortable with the situation…” That feeling that you have is well founded. Is there anything wrong with chiropractic care? No, it can work wonders, but the fact that the lawyer sent you to the doctor begs the question, what is their relationship? Whose interests are they looking out for?

Use common sense to guide you in your decision as to whether you should stay with that law firm. Remember that you can fire a car accident attorney at any time;
1) Have you spoken with the actual lawyer, or just an assistant? If it’s just the assistant, call back and insist on a discussion with the lawyer about whether it can hurt the case at trial that the lawyer made the referral.;
2) Does the medical care seem professional? Ask the chiropractor to see the bill and ask what they will be charging you, because it all comes out of your settlement money at the end of the case.

3) Are you comfortable with the chiropractor and is the medical care helping?

If you are not getting a good feeling after answering these questions, you should fire your attorney and find one that will tell you the real implications of lawyer directed health care. To fire a lawyer, just fax a letter to the firm stating that you no longer need their services. You will owe them for whatever actual time they put into your case, but in the first few weeks, that is usually nothing. If you are unsure of what to do, feel free to call me. As an Injury lawyer, I place the client’s best interests before anything else and that is the way it should be.

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