I Have DePuy Hip Implants; What Lawyers in Georgia are Handling Implant Cases?


Late this summer DePuy Orthopedics sent out a recall of the ASR XL Acetabular hip replacement and our DePuy Implant lawyers in Georgia have been mobilizing to get information to the recipients.

The recall came about after new medical studies showed that the DePuy hip implant had a 1 in 8 failure rate. The failed hip replacements caused some patients metal sensitivity, fractures and pain and in many cases led to the need for a revision of the hip replacement. Many of these complications could have been avoided had DePuy and Johnson & Johnson simply not received a special clearance from the FDA to begin marketing the hip replacements without clinical trials.

As the debate rages in the media and Congress over the proper role, if any, of Plaintiff lawyer’s as private monitors of large medical corporations, this recall should serve as a strong pro-lawyer reminder. Without legal action, it is doubtful the high failure rate would have come to light and potentially thousands of patients would have been faced with the costs of financing a second surgery through no fault of their own.

The cases being filed by Georgia DePuy Hip Implant lawyers seek compensation for the patients to cover the cost of having a second revision surgery.

For more information on the recall of the DePuy hip implants be sure to read the excellent New York Times article by Barry Meier

Our firm is working with several others to coordinate the filing of legitimate cases. If you want to discuss your symptoms and get more information about the nature of the recall and your legal options, please contact our Georgia DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Attorneys.

Our description of your legal rights is not intended to imply that any product is defective. That can only be determined through a case-specific investigation.

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