My Car Accident Lawyer Won’t Call Me Back


Over the last week I have had 4 people call the office complaining that their Atlanta lawyers won’t call them back. Furthermore, the injury lawyers have sent a letter to the client saying the office is sending a demand to the insurance company without running it by the client first. In even the most simple car accident case, they are certain fundamental duties your lawyer owes you in Georgia.

1. You should be advised what the amount of insurance coverage the at fault driver has.
2. You should be advised what the gross total of your medical bills and lost wages come to.
3. Your lawyer should estimate a likely verdict range. See What is my Georgia Case Worth in Georgia for examples.
4. Your lawyer should estimate for you what your net in pocket will be at the end.
5. Your lawyer should go over the demand letter to the insurance company with you and send you a copy.

Remember the demand is the detailed letter that outlines your case and gives the insurance company the information they need to make an evaluation of your case. The demand to the insurance company is the most important pre-suit task your lawyer will undertake. If your lawyer will not call you back and has not laid out a strategy for winning your case in detail then you are not getting the service you deserve. For details on how to fire your Georgia lawyer read the linked article.

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