Insurance Adjuster asked for a Recorded Statement, Should I?


The insurance adjuster called and asked for a recorded statement; should you give it?

When it comes to car accidents, there are two kinds of insurance adjusters that you will deal with. The insurance adjuster for the car that caused the accident and your insurance adjuster. They each have distinct roles and you have different obligations to each of them. Let’s break it down further.

The Other Guys Insurance Adjuster

It often happens that the insurance adjuster for the other driver asks you for a recorded statement. Do you have to give one? NO.

Should you? Sometimes. Look if they are unsure on liability and its a slam dunk, so long as you don’t screw up then it is harmless. As far as the medical care goes, it’s fine to tell them where you went but tell them you are not comfortable getting into details right now.¬† With regard to how the crash happened, describing the crash is fine so long as you stay away from the big three; speed, time and distance! They are trained to pin you down on how far ahead of time you saw the other driver, etc. and then to use that to argue that you could have avoided the crash. It’s fine to say “it happened so fast, I just don’t know how long it was” Be reasonable but don’t get pressured into agreeing with statements that they make.

Should I Give a Statement to My Insurance Adjuster

Yes, you have to under the contract. Understand that there are a few areas of focus they will approach.

  1. Prior medical history
  2. Defenses to liability
  3. Coverage issues, were you driving the car with permission, do you use the car frequently but are not listed on the policy etc.

If you get into a situation where an adjuster is asking for a recorded statement, it makes sense to take advantage of the free consultation. There is no downside to discussing the dangers of a recorded statement with an attorney.



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