How to Get Rid of Late Fees and Get Lower Interest Rates on Your Credit Card


I received my credit card statement today and noticed a $39.00 late fee in it because the payment posted 4 days late. Let me put it this way. If your account is pretty current, everything on credit cards are negotiable. I called and politely but firmly reminded them that payments have always been current and the balance was low. They looked at the account and immediately removed the charge. As a lawyer, I long ago gave up litigating consumer cases, but there are some lawyers that will still take these.

Scrutinize your credit card bills. Banks will try to sneak things past you. Also, watch out for the interest rates creeping up when you were not looking. Every year or so it does not hurt to call them and see if you can negotiate a lower rate by pointing out other credit card offers you have received. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.

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