How Do I Get My Car Accident Lawyer to Call Me Back?


We received more than 10 phone calls last week from consumers with car accident injury cases in Georgia who all said “my lawyer won’t call me back and I don’t know what is going on with my case.” Sadly this is a common problem in Atlanta. In this article, we will break down 1) why, 2) how to improve communication with your lawyer and 3) how to fire your Georgia injury lawyer if you are fed up with them.

Why Won’t my Car Accident Lawyer Call me Back?

The simplest answer to this question is that the most common type of car accident lawyer in Georgia are the TV lawyers and small high volume, low quality law firms. These firms take in clients in great numbers due to advertising and some illegally pay people to call accident victims to recruit their business.

These firms are generally incompetent and run by office staff, rather than the lawyers. How do you know if you have a bad lawyer? If you have a “case manager”, you probably do.

These TV law firms make money off of volume on small $3-5,000 cases. They refer clients to chiropractors, send off sloppy demand letters to insurance companies and rarely file lawsuits. They just tell their clients to accept whatever is offered and cut the chiropractors bill to make it all work out financially in a three way split.

So, the reason the lawyer won’t return you call is that they are not very good businesspeople in many respects.

How Can I Get My Lawyer to Call Me Back

Let’s assume you are going to stay with the lawyer who does not return your calls for whatever reason. How can you get better service?

1) Politely insist on scheduling an in person meeting. Once you get in front of them, you generally will get better service.

2) The earlier you are in the process, the more leverage you have. Most TV Law firms send demands to the insurance company without even bothering to run the demand package by the client. The Demand letter is the letter that is sent to the insurance company with all of the medical records and is what the insurance company for the driver that hit you uses to evaluate the merits of your case. If you have doubts about the communication with the lawyer, act decisively and early. If they have already sent the demand and received an offer, you have no leverage. The lawyer is guaranteed their percentage once an offer comes in and it is very difficult to find a new lawyer that will take over a file where the original car accident lawyer has an attorney’s fee lien on the case.

3) If all conservative efforts fail, warn the lawyer that you are contacting the Georgia State Bar. Call and ask for the Georgia Bar Consumer Assistance Program. They will require you to send a certified letter to the law firm seeking cooperation and if there is no acceptable response, they will step in.

How Do I Fire My Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Rather than rehash my earlier article, just click on the link above to read our resource on how to fire the lawyer and what your options are.

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