Get Out of a Ticket in City of Atlanta Municipal Traffic Court


So I got a traffic ticket for allegedly “rolling” a stop sign in my neighborhood. Total BS because I stopped but the City of Atlanta places a cop in an adjacent parking lot and he just writes tickets all day and who wants to get in a swearing contest with a cop? So I get my summons to City of Atlanta Municipal Court and I know that if I am found guilty or plea that 3 points will be added to my license and my insurance rates will go up.

As a lawyer, I already know that I can enter a plea of nolo or “no contest” but that will show up on my driving record. No contest is like saying “maybe I did it, maybe I didn’t but I won’t fight you for it.” Anyway you slice it, I don’t want it on my record.

So, what are the other options? I get down to Court and the clerk has everyone check in. I check in and they hand me this sheet of paper entitled “Pre-Trial Internvention Program” and tell me to go downstairs. What the hell is that? I have since concluded that because I dressed in a suit and have a squeeky clean record, the clerk figured I was the kind of “candidate” they are looking for.

In reviewing the program, it basically says this:

1) If you have not used the program in the last 12 months;
2) if your charge is not a nasty one like DUI, reckless driving, hit and run, Fleeing, no license etc;
3) you are over 21;
you can “enter the program.” What does that really mean? It means you can pay the Solicitor of Atlanta $150.00 and they throw out the ticket with no record. Yes, I’m serious. This is total horseshit of course but if you are going to offer it, I will accept it.

No points on your license, charge dismissed, 45 days to pay. Wow, I mean Wow.
As far as I can tell, the City of Atlanta Solicitor’s office invented this loophole to make money. You are basically buying your way out of a traffic ticket, but its not bribery, its legal. Here is the document where the City Council of Atlanta signed off on it.

Good luck with your ticket. Do not call me or contact me for other information. I don’t handle traffic tickets and am just spreading the good word to help other law abiding residents of the good City of Atlanta.

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