Christopher Simon Addresses Media in Wake of Tragic Death


Senior Partner at Christopher Simon Attorney at Law, Christopher Simon, spoke to the media today at the Cobb County Schools to address allegations made on the Neal Boortz show. The popular radio show aired commentary to the effect that the Cobb County Schools Foundation was retaining control of the $30,000,00 in charity donations made by the public to help the impoverished Campos family in the wake of the wrongful death of their daughter.

In fact, the donations will go directly to the family after the funerary and other family utilities are caught up.
The firm will continue to support the Campos family in their quest to raise awareness of the danger that can be posed by elderly drivers and to push for legislation requiring more frequent driving tests for the elderly. The woman that ran Karla down was 82 years old and claimed she hit the wrong pedal before she traveled 80 feet, half on the curb, past 3 stopped cars, to run the child down in front of her mother. This tragedy could have been prevented if the state had testing legislation in place.

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