Dalton, Georgia Dog Attacks Young Child


A five year old boy was mauled by a stray dog in Dalton Georgia and it could have been prevented. Unfortunately more and more people are buying Pit Bulls, Dobermans and cross-bred Chau dogs. These dogs can be fine when well trained and restrained but they can be very aggressive with small children.

The problems arise when dog owners either don’t take the time to train their dogs or, even worse, ignore and abuse their own dogs. Those dogs become aggressive and pose a serious threat to the public. Most counties and cities require that a dog be kept on leash, on a chain or confined by a fence at all times. In Georgia, if a dog attacks a human and a Plaintiff comes before the Court to hold the owner liable, the Court will inquire as to whether 1) there were prior indications that the dog was aggressive towards humans and if not; 2) whether the owner was in violation of the leash and restraint laws at the time of the attack. Either avenue can support a potential liability claim against a homeowner.

According to the article “Boy mauled by dog” written by reporter Kim Sloan with the Dalton Daily Citizen, Murray County Animal Control had been called several times and failed to take any action at all. This is a serious injury that could have been averted and now will leave the child scarred for life.

Accidents can happen and there are certainly occasions where children taunt dogs and the attack or bite is not hateful, but where it can be prevented through care by the owner or the County, it is a tragedy.

If you have other questions please contact me as I handle dog bite cases.

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