My Health Insurance Company is Refusing to Pay My Medical Bills after a Georgia Car Accident


Many clients come to me after being injured in a car accident in Georgia and they complain that their health insurance company is refusing to pay their bills claiming that it is a car accident and therefore the money has to come from the other driver.This is a lie being spread by the health insurance companies. It is a complex issue,but it breaks down this way. Your Georgia health insurance is obligated to pay for your medical care after a car crash so long as you presented the bill within the time allowed under the policy and so long as there is no medical payments coverage. If there is no medical payments coverage, your health insurance is the first payor and they must pay. That’s it.

I do advise my client that they do need to provide them with information about the driver that caused the crash and the health insurer may claim a right of reimbursement if you make a recovery for bills that they paid, but they have to pay.

Do be careful though because some hospitals will lie to you and claim that they submitted the bill and that the health insurer refused to pay. I find the best practice is to submit the bill yourself to the health insurer the minute you get it and to send a certified letter to your medical providers with your health care information attached as well as a letter from your own insurance company confirming that there are no medical payments benefits (usually in the form of a copy of your declarations page)

Be careful about deadlines, especially for emergency medicaid applications as one of my Conyers, Georgia clients recently found out, getting the DHR to reverse their decision can be difficult. As a car accident lawyer near Conyers Georgia, I can tell you that vigilance in the first 60 days after the bill is incurred is critical.

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