Do Not Hire Lawyers or Doctors that Call You after a Car Accident


A new client retained me today as their lawyer and we will be able to make a substantial and just recovery for them in their case against a tractor trailer company driver who turned across four lanes of traffic in Riverdale, Georgia, causing serious injuries. What shocked me was the recording on her cell phone from Georgia Medical and Legal services and two other lawyer services soliciting her business in the days after the crash. It is illegal for a lawyer to solicit your business with a cold call after a car wreck and only low end attorneys participate in this practice. Here is a good video that an acquaintance made documenting the background on these people.

These bottom feeding scum pay people to go to the police precinct to buy up crash reports and then cold call them to get clients. Only low end lawyers and low end chiropractors participate in this illegal and unethical practice and you should steer clear of them. They do this because they cannot get business any other way. If you have been called by a service after a crash asking to refer you to a lawyer or doctor, do not retain them. As a legitimate injury attorney, I want our courts to be free of these crooks.

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