Georgia Comprehensive and Collision Coverage


These insurance coverages are frequently misunderstood in Georgia insurance policies. Collision coverage protects you against yourself when you cause a crash either with another vehicle or with an object. It will pay to repair damage to your own vehicle. It is required on cars that you finance or lease. You have a good deal of control over the rates as you can set a deductible. The idea is that if you crash your car and the repairs cost $5,000.00 then you pay the deductible and the company pays the rest.

Comprehensive insurance is a catch all coverage that protects you against a variety of dangers. If you have it, you are insured if the car is stolen, or keyed, flooded out, struck by hail, or a tree falls on it. If your car is more than 10 years old or not worth much for some other reason, I would not worry about getting it.

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