Aimee Copeland and Eric Sauls Cases Illustrate Two Aspects of the Legal Liability System in Georgia


Two moving stories this past week in the news in Georgia involved or will involve trial lawyers and the question of civil liability. The Aimee Copeland story has gripped a large part of the country, probably because of how hard it is to understand. How can a simple cut on an all American trip to the river make you the victim of necrotizing fascitis? Medical malpractice and bad wound care is the unfortunate answer and I am deeply concerned about the medical care that was administered to her on the first and subsequent visits.

When dealing with a laceration where the wound was immersed in untreated water, one of the first considerations has to be sterilization and wound irrigation. I was discussing the case with one of the Doctors from Augusta and we agreed it probably was not the best idea to immediately staple the wound which allowed the bacteria and ideal breeding ground. Once sealed up inside, the bacteria took over, began replicating and the infection spread. We do not yet know what went on with the interim medical visits, but it is frustrating to see such a simple wound mishandled.

Now, keep in mind, it is impossible to be perfect in this world but an open wound with exposure to river water seems to be a pretty big warning flag. I will leave it up to the Georgia Medical Malpractice lawyers who may eventually work on the case, but nothing will undo Aimee’s horrible experience.

In the Cheyenne Sauls case, a DUI fatality case, there is tragedy upon tragedy. First teenage drunk driving leads to the death of a 16 year old girl and then her father foolishly tries to bribe a witness in the ensuing civil litigation. I do not know where in Atlanta car accident lawyers can be found that would not have pounded it into their clients head not to do anything foolish; but this is ridiculous. Your daughter has been taken from you by the recklessness of others but do not dishonor her memory by tampering with the application of justice. I am thankful that it did not derail the sentencing of the driver and the older man who provided the alcohol but this puts a black eye on the entire justice system.

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